Join our affiliate program!

We love supporting those who support us! Which is why we have created this affiliate program. It provides an opportunity for you to share your own unique link with your community and, if someone enrols in the Youth Mentor Training or our Online Academy using your link, you'll be paid a commission.

For the Youth Mentor Training, our current commission is 12% of the total payment made, which is approximately AUD$420 (depending on whether they get the upfront earlybird price of $3150 or if they have an extended payment plan which amounts to about $3600).

For the Online Academy classes our current commission is 20% of the monthly membership fee ($25 a month is the starting monthly membership fee), which is $5 per student, per month. As this is an ongoing subscription, your affiliate payments will continue for the duration of the member's subscription. If they choose to pay upfront for 12 months then you'll receive your commission for the year in one lump sum. Completely seperate to this affiliate program, facilitators will be paid $125 per class they host, as covered in the Facilitators Agreement. 

Our referral system works on a 'last referrer' basis, which means that the affiliate link used last (or most recently) before purchase is the one that is assigned the commission. 

To apply, please ensure you've read the terms and conditions and apply below. The above description and outline of terms was last updated on 29 October 2021. All amounts are in AUD$.